Union Looking Back for April 19, 2013

High school notes

The senior class of this year has no honor list.

Miss Theodora Goodrich came back Monday after a two week’s illness.

Miss Marjorie McFall returned home Saturday after her extended visit here.

– 100 years ago, April 16, 1913

St. Francis class play

The St. Francis high school senior class play given at the high school last Wednesday and Thursday and under the direction of E. F. Jordan, was enthusiastically received and very well acted.

The entire cast of characters did exceptionally well with Chester Hughes cast in a dual role as Judge Taggert and his twin brother, Ernest Taggert. Mrs. Almo Taggert was acted by Wilma Tindell on Wednesday and by Marjorie Bennett on Thursday and both gave excellent performances.

– 75 years ago, April 13, 1938

Construction started on Highway 10 structures in north Anoka

Construction started this week on two more structures on new Highway 10 through Anoka via North street and Division street. The structures will be bridges, east of the Rum river, one to carry the railroad track over the new highway and the other to carry Fourth avenue north traffic over the new route. When these projects when completed, will bring to three the structures of new Highway 10, the bridge across the Rum river having been completed some time ago.

– 50 years ago, April 12, 1963

A fire crew of its own

Dave Bawden hopes the Ramsey fire department questions won’t get lost in the city’s airport issue.

Bawden, chairman of the Ramsey Fire Safety Committee, said he has reservations about placing the question of establishing a city fire department on the same ballot as airport safety zoning.

Still, Bawden remains optimistic that voters will study the fire department issue on its own merits and will approve the establishment of a 35-person volunteer fire department in the city.

– 25 years ago, April 15, 1988

• Compiled by Kelly Johnson

Editor’s note: “Looking Back” is reprinted exactly as the items first appeared.

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