District 15 revises budget to account for state, federal funding

With the periodic adjustments in state and federal funding, the St. Francis School District 15 needed to revise its budget.

The school board April 8 unanimously approved revising its 2012-2013 general fund budget revenues to add an additional $984,035 and its expenditures to include an additional $1,720,513.

The change will bring the year end balance down to $1.1 million rather than $1.8 million, a reduction of $736,478, said Business Services Director Scott Nelson.

When budgets are created, they are built on data the district has at that time, including projected student enrollment and what staff estimates funding will be, he said.

Throughout the year, both the state and federal agencies make adjustments to what school districts will receive and the districts typically adjust their budgets once a year or twice a year, Nelson said.

Education funding is not simple formula and some of the adjustments, such has special education funding, are still coming in from the 2011-2012 school year, Nelson said.

Special education funding adjustments are typically two years behind, he said.

While federal funding for Title I, Title II and preschool special education received an additional $169,035 in revenue, special education lost $223,000 in the last round of revisions, according to Nelson.

Local revenue sources and state resources also increased bringing the total revenue adjustment up by $984,035.

Nelson said he added a dollar amount for donations, which was not included in the budget created last spring.

Rather than adding the actual donations amount in the last revision, Nelson said future budgets will build in a donation amount  at the beginning using historical data.

For this year, he added $150,000 in donations, he said.

Nelson also added an additional $40,000 for parking fee revenue as well as patron fees, such has student activities fees and $185,000 in miscellaneous funds into the revenue revisions.

There are also corresponding expenditures that had to be adjusted to ensure a balanced budget, Nelson said.

The special education budget was reduced by $181,235 and other funds were increased, including Title 1 and Title II.

Tammy Sakry is at [email protected]