Writer’s Block: Ready for the seasonal change

Change is a part of life. Or so claims an age-old saying.

Tammy Sakry
Tammy Sakry

For me, this year has held a lot of change from redecorating to the loss of a elderly pet.

While choosing a paint color was easy, picking up the ashes of my nearly 12-year-old Holland lop bunny was not.

Change happens, like the changing of the season.

With the bitterness of winter giving way to the freshness of spring.

Wait a minute. Wait one minute.

As I type this column it is snowing and blowing outside.

I am confused. Where is my spring?

My little lilac bush was beginning to bud and the robins dance from tree branch to tree branch outside my window.

But the snow and the icy chill persist, putting a damper on the cheery spring.

It is April.

The rhyme claims it is a month of showers that will bring on the May flowers.

Nowhere does it say those showers will be snow showers.

So then why when I opened the door to step into the warmth of a supposed spring day have I been lashed with the bitterness of winter.

Of the four seasons, spring and fall are my favorite.

I crave the budding on the trees and plants that the spring season brings and warmer weather.

After months of being cooped up, I can go for a walk without worrying about slipping on the ice or a wind so cold that it damages the skin and stings the eyes.

Spring is also a time for renewal.

I am not feeling very renewed right now.

I was very disheartened as the weather teams at the various television news outlets started to report the coming wintry blast.

And continued to do so through Sunday night.

It was very depressing to have to dig out the boots and winter gear.

When the weather turns warm and the snow melts to reveal grass, my summer shoes come out of hiding and the inner lining of my coat comes out.

I am ready for the caress of a warm breeze, the smell of spring and the ability to open the windows without inviting in the deep freeze.

Apparently the weather does not read the same calendar that I do because that calendar clearly states that it is spring.

Begone you wintry pest.

You have long over stayed your welcome and it’s time for a new season to reign.

This is the time of year gardeners want to be digging in the soil.

While seedlings may have been started and are reaching higher from their loamy beds, this week’s weather makes the growing season seem so far away.

Some will claim the wintry holdout is a sign of global warming.

Others will say that is just people over reacting.

I just look at the extremely long winter in the same way I look at the extremely hot summers and the drought.

I really don’t care which group is right. I am not really sure it matters beyond the fact the climate changes like everything else.

Sometimes change is good.

Sometimes change is not and you have to find a way to deal with the change the best you can.

So what does that mean for right now? That means the winter gear will continue to be used.

And the summer gear will have to wait a couple more weeks (or less).

It also means the rest of my day will be spent under a blanket to stay warm and doing something to keep my mind off of the growing winter wonderland outside of my window.