Merriam reappointed to council

Gov. Mark Dayton has reappointed Gene Merriam, Coon Rapids, to the Clean Water Council as an environmental organization representative.

Merriam’s term, which began April 13, runs through Jan. 2, 2017.

Merriam is president of the Freshwater Society and a former state legislator as a longtime member of the Minnesota Senate,

The Clean Water Council was created through the state’s Clean Water Legacy Act, which was signed into law June 2, 2006.

The council’s role is to advise on the administration and implementation of the Clean Water Legacy Act, including:

• Fostering coordination among public agencies and private entities to ensure cooperation with relevant plans and programs.

• Prioritization strategies for TMDLs, restoration and protection activities.

• Development of appropriate processes for expert scientific review.

• Development of education and participation strategies for citizens and stakeholders.

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