Golf column: Patience is a virtue on the course

With spring taking a backseat to winter we have time to work on our patience as the golf season slowly starts to roll in for 2013.

Joshua Breen
Joshua Breen

The vast majority of us play golf for fun and the enjoyment of the game, while appreciating the camaraderie of friends and family. There are several great benefits that come along with golf, but there can also be times when it can bring out ugliness in us as people, for instance, when we lose patience.

When we lose patience our focus tends to wander and your golf game and enjoyment suffer in the process.

I am asking you to have patience in your golf game this year. Get back to the reasons you starting playing golf. Make it a goal to enjoy yourself on the course and focus on you and your golf game. Stay positive and stay patient with you on the golf course and it will start becoming contagious in other parts of life.

At times we try to rush through things that we aren’t comfortable with or necessarily confident in, because we want to get them over with. Stay patient and your focus will stay intact.

Stay in the moment and come face to face with whatever the great game of golf brings you, whether it is joy or pain.

Be patient, it’s only a game.

There are times when patience is tested such as a slower group in front of us on the first hole that may have lost a ball and are struggling to get in the swing of things. Are we yelling at them to hurry up or calling the clubhouse to complain? Or do we have patience to give them the benefit of the doubt for a couple of holes and trust the rangers on the course to speed them up or let us through in a few holes.

The worst case scenario is that we spend a little extra time doing what we love with people we enjoy.

Are we getting mad on the course and slamming and throwing clubs? Or are we going to be going have fun?

It’s a choice and it’s up to you.

Joshua Breen is the PGA head golf professional at The Links at Northfork in Ramsey.

Editor’s note

We’re bringing back our weekly guest golf columnist this season and we begin this week with Links at Northfork professional Joshua Breen. Over the next six weeks we’ll introduce a new columnist, perhaps from your favorite local course.

Despite what Mother Nature tells us, spring and summer will eventually come to Minnesota and with that, enjoy some warm thoughts from the world of golf.

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