Andover realtor top U.S. agent for Weichert Real Estate

Rory Theng has been in the real estate business for about four years and he has already been recognized as being the top company associate for a single year.

At the age of 29, Theng is the youngest realtor to win the Weichert Real Estate Affiliates, Inc. Pinnacle Award given to the top associate in the national franchise that now includes some 5,000 agents in 35 states. Weichert has been presenting the Pinnacle Award for 10 years.

Rory Theng. Submitted photo
Rory Theng. Submitted photo

“I try to not let it go to my head,” said Theng, who works at the Weichert Realtors Premier office in Andover. “We all try to be the best at what we do.”

Theng was quick to credit another under 30-year-old realtor, Jeremy Chubb, and five other members of his team at the Weichert Realty Premier office in Andover for being so successful. The team has over 20 years of experience and includes an escrow officer, transaction manager, administration, marketing personnel and vendor services.

Theng has worked with everyone from first-time homebuyers, older people looking to downsize, to investors looking to buy property to rent. He would be interested in selling commercial real properties some time, according to Theng.

Although the Pinnacle Award recognizes the agent who earned the highest gross commission income in a single year, his client’s happiness and not how much commission he makes is what Theng said he focuses on.

“As long as you keep the client’s best interests at heart, you will do fine and the money will come,” Theng said.

Not that long ago, Theng was selling dermatology and birth control products and copying machines.

Theng, a Roseville native, once thought about skipping college and going into real estate, but his father insisted that he get a college degree after he graduated from Roseville Area High School in 2002.

After graduating from the University of Minnesota in 2007, he worked as a pharmaceutical sales representative for a couple of years before being laid off. He had brief stints selling Pitney Bowes office machine products and then at a Re/Max real estate office before he got a job at the Weichert Realtors office in Andover less than three years ago.

Theng was not worried about the housing market when he joined this profession. He saw a lot of opportunities in this industry and his realtor friends said he would do a great job, according to Theng.

“I see great signs of what is to come and I’m ready for the challenge,” Theng said about the housing market.

The most important tip Theng can give to other realtors is that forming relationships, building trust and watching out for clients are the greatest predictors of success, he said.

“His ability to understand what his clients want and need and how he can deliver on those has helped make him successful,” David Noe wrote in a statement. Noe and Rod Schimmel own Weichert Realtors Premier office in Andover.

“There is, however, no substitute for hard work, and that’s been a cornerstone with Rory from day one with Weichert,” Noe said. “He’s a great guy and deserves the fruits of his labor. We are very proud of him.”

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