Woman sentenced for 2011 assault

A Minneapolis woman has received probation for her role in a 2011 Ramsey assault.

Melissa Marie Martineau, 27, was sentenced to three years of probation in Anoka County District Court April 9 after she pleaded guilty to a third-degree felony assault charge. She was given credit for three days of jail time served.

According to the complaint, a man, who was 27 at the time, had two confrontations with Martineau’s group of friends while bowling and playing trivia at the Super Bowl, 6720 Riverdale Drive N.W., Nov. 12, 2011.

About 30 minutes after the verbal confrontation, a 30-year-old man threw a drink into the victim’s face and a 26-year-old man slapped the victim across his face.

While the two men were punching the victim, Martineau picked up a broken beer mug and started slashing at a male victim’s midsection.

According to the complaint, Martineau continue to slash the victim even after he was knocked to the ground and was unconscious.

Martineau then started to stomp on the victim’s head.

The victim received 23 sutures to close three lacerations and have extensive bruising on the right side of his head.

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