Coon Rapids approves third residential street project

The third of three major residential street reconstruction projects planned this year has been ordered by the Coon Rapids City Council.

No one spoke in opposition to the project, which would reconstruct 2.05 miles of residential streets in one large neighborhood plus two single streets, at the public/assessment hearing April 16.

Indeed, at a neighborhood meeting on the project in March, there were only six residents present and no objections were raised, nor has staff received any verbal or written objections to the proposal, City Engineer Bob Moberg.

Following the public/assessment hearing, the council ordered bids for the project, for which the council will consider a contract award at its June 4 meeting when the assessments will also be adopted.

The roads to be reconstructed are in a large neighborhood west of Robinson Drive and south of 108th Lane, while Vale Street, west of East River Road, and 88th Avenue from Mississippi Boulevard to 88th Lane are also included in the project.

Eleven residential streets are part of the project.

• Hummingbird Street between 10th Avenue and 108th Lane.

• Grouse Street between 106th Avenue and 106th Lane and between 107th Avenue and 108th Lane.

• Grouse Circle from 106th Avenue to its south terminus.

• Flamingo Street between 106th Avenue and 106th Lane.

• Drake Street between 106th and 107th avenues.

• 106th Avenue between Hummingbird and Drake streets.

• 106th Lane between Hummingbird and Flamingo streets.

• 107th Avenue between Hummingbird and Drake streets.

• 108th Lane between Hummingbird Street and Epiphany Creek west of Eagle Street.

• Vale Street between and north and west termini west of Unity Street.

• 88th Avenue between Mississippi Boulevard and 88th Lane.

According to Moberg, streets in the area west of Robinson Drive were originally constructed in 1980 except for a short section of Drake Street/107th Avenue, which was built in 1989.

Vale Street was constructed in 1994, but even though it is less than 20 years old, the pavement has settled and is in poor condition, while there are a number of sections of cracked and broken curb, indicating poor subgrade soils have caused premature failure of the road, Moberg wrote in the feasibility report.

On 88th Avenue, the middle section was originally built in 1971, while two sections of the street, comprising about 50 percent of the length, received an overlay in 1996, he wrote.

With this project, a section of 88th will get a two-inch mill and overlay to match the new pavement on the rest of the streets, Moberg told the council.

Improvements include removal and replacement of the existing bituminous pavement and gravel base; removal and replacement of damaged curb and gutter, driveway aprons and sidewalks as needed; repair of fire hydrants, valves, sanitary sewer and storm sewer; installation of Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant pedestrian curb ramps as needed; street sign replacement as needed, he said at the hearing.

The estimated cost of the project is $1,271,800, of which $298,727.40 will be assessed to the benefiting properties.

The balance will come from various city funds – $505,973 from the state aid street account, $70,100 from the storm water utility budget and $397,000 from the water system maintenance fund.

According to Moberg, assessments are proposed on 254 properties – 127 single-family lots and 127 multi-family residential properties.

Under city policy, the single-family residential lots will pay a $1,620 assessment, while the charge to the multi-family properties will be $20.24 a front foot.

An independent appraiser’s report states the benefit to properties is in the range of $2,000 to $5,000, Moberg wrote in the feasibility report.

Project construction is scheduled from June into September.

Peter Bodley is at [email protected]