Life Looking Back for April 26, 2013

Protect your valuables

Spring Lake Park Jaycees would like to remind the residents that they have the engravers on hand to enable you to take part in Project Theft Guard, protecting your valuables.

With the engravers, you can mark all your valuables with coded number and should your things be stolen, they can be identified and the culprits that have them prosecuted.

– 40 years ago, April 13, 1973

County agrees to construct 109th

The Anoka County Board Tuesday authorized an agreement with Blaine to extend 109th Avenue from Highway 65 east to Lexington Avenue. The county will build and take over the road as part of its system.

The agreement indicates that Blaine is willing to assist the county in implementing the project to construct the road.

According to the resolution, the existing volumes of traffic in this section of the county, together with the increased volumes anticipated from developments planned and proposed for the area, necessitate the construction of improvements to the county system to safely and adequately handle the traffic.

– 30 years ago, April 15, 1983

Through Pony Club, Kathy Kalm not only learns about horses, she qualifies for national competition

Through her love for horses, a 12-year-old Spring Lake Park girl will go to national competition late this summer.

Kathy Kalm earned her chance to compete in the National Know Down, Aug. 7-11, in Culpepper, W. Va. after a strong performance in the regional competition.

– 20 years ago, April 16, 1993

• Compiled by Kelly Johnson

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