Blaine man faces charges, accused of sexually assaulting six-year-old girl

A Blaine man faces five felony charges in Anoka County District Court for allegedly sexually assaulting a six-year-old girl, taking revealing photos of the girl on his phone and have images of child pornography on his computer hard drive.

Mickey Dean Sams
Mickey Dean Sams

Mickey Dean Sams, 61, was arraigned in Anoka County District Court April 19 on three felony counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct, one felony charge of using minors in a sexual performance/pornographic work and one felony count of possession of pornographic work involving minors.

Bail for Sams was set at $150,000. He had been arrested on a warrant April 18 after the Anoka County Attorney’s Office filed the charges April 16.

According to the complaint, the investigation began in Isanti County in January into a report of the sexual abuse of a six-year-old girl by a relative, Sams, at a family gathering that involved sexual touching while he took photos of her.

The complaint alleges that during the forensic examination and interview that followed the report of the Isanti County incident, the child told investigators that this type of incident took place whenever she saw Sams.

The girl allegedly described a specific incident which took place at Sams’ home in Blaine over Thanksgiving 2012 when he took photos of her and sexually touched and assaulted her.

Investigators executed search warrants on Sams’ phone, where many photos had been deleted, but they were retrieved and allegedly clearly showed a juvenile female with her underwear revealed and an adult hand touching her genitals.

Some of the photos did not show the face of the child, but others did and it was the six-year-old girl who had reported the incidents, according to the complaint.

The girl’s mother allegedly identified the girl in the photos as being her daughter and the physical surroundings of the photos as Sams’ residence in Blaine.

The complaint also alleges that examination of a hard drive located at Sams’ residence showed numerous images of child pornography, including two files of multiple images of female children engaged in various sexual acts with an adult male.

The files also allegedly includes images of Sams.

According to the complaint, Sams was convicted in 1996 of criminal sexual conduct involving a child.

Court records show that Sams was placed on probation for 25 years.

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