St. Francis to sell lot south of post office

The St. Francis City Council agreed April 15 that it should sell the city-owned lot located south of the St. Francis Post Office.

City Administrator Matt Hylen said the city acquired the small lot in May 2000 for $70,000 for the purpose of demolishing a blighted structure located on it. The majority of the funds for the purchase and demolition came from the Housing Redevelopment Authority (HRA). The city did not have any specific plans for using the property after the demolition.

Besides selling the property, other options the city could pursue regarding the lot include doing nothing, improving the lot to a legal parking lot and seeking a lease from the post office for employee and customer parking or putting a stop to the illegal parking on the lot.

Mayor Jerry Tveit said he thought it was unlikely that the post office would be interested in leasing the lot, especially in light of recent post office budget cut discussions in the news.

Since the city has no other use for the property, he said he was in favor of declaring it as surplus property and offering it for sale.

No official motion was made on the matter, but there was consensus among the council to sell the lot.