Ramsey approves contract for oil, antifreeze recycling

Ramsey residents will soon have a place to recycle used oil, antifreeze and oil filters.

The Ramsey City Council March 26 approved leasing land at its public works campus to East Side Oil Companies to install a 2,000-gallon tank for oil and to place recycling containers for antifreeze and oil filters.

The cost to East Side Oil will be a $1 a year.

“Our goal is to have it ready for our spring recycling day, May 4,” said Chris Anderson, associate planner/environmental coordinator.

But they are still working on the contract to spell out the city’s responsibility for monitoring the tank level, how to document requests for tank collection and to spell out the city’s liability, he said.

“The city also has to verify that East Side Oil Companies has obtained the necessary environmental insurance before the tank can be placed at the public works campus, Anderson said.

The city will need to monitor the tank on a monthly basis and call East Side to inform its staff when the tank needs to be emptied, he said.

There is no cost to the city beyond the monitoring two external gauges on the tank on a regular basis and checking the tanks for any leaks, which would be done monthly, Anderson said.

This is a good service for the residents and a good deal for the city, said Councilmember Chris Riley.

Before bringing the case to the council, Anderson said he talked to city staff in Elk River and East Bethel, which both have a similar arrangement with East Side Oil Companies.

Staff from both cities said the residents appreciate the program and that it was not uncommon to find cash in the donation box, he said.

During Ramsey’s four-hour fall recycling day, East Side Oil Companies collected over 400 gallons of used oil, about 50 gallons of antifreeze and a barrel of oil filters, Anderson said.

Tammy Sakry is at [email protected]