St. Francis opposes legislation

The St. Francis City Council April 15 directed city staff to prepare a letter opposing proposed state legislation that, if it passes, would increase St. Francis households’ water bills by about $2 per year.

The bill, proposed by the House Environmental, Natural Resources and Agriculture Finance Committee, would substantially increase the city’s water use permit processing fee, from $900 to $4,100. The city would have to collect that money from residents and forward it to the state.

Mayor Jerry Tveit described the proposal as frustrating.

“Most of our budget is made up of unfunded mandates,” he said. “This is better than a 300 percent increase.”

The council unanimously directed city staff to send a letter opposing the bill.

The issue led to a brief discussion of just how much of the city’s budget is a result of mandates the city has no control over.

Tveit asked that city staff prepare a report summarizing mandates in St. Francis’s budget.

  • G. Rootes

    Two dollars a year? I sure wish my water bill had gone up only two bucks a year! How much tea have those folks drank up in St. Francis? I think the Mayor and Council had better figure out just what portion of the budget is made up of unfunded mandates and not just off the cuff say “most”….It might be time for a change in leadership in St. Francis. Just a thought!