Column: Golf is B.O.R.I.N.G?

I often hear the statement that golf is boring.  To combat this myth, I consulted with a most trusted advisor, my 21 month old daughter Ali whose favorite word is:  golfin’.


Golf is the very best game and pastime.  We do not need to attempt to match the best shot or score of all time, rather

Tim Anderson, Director of Golf at Bunker Hills Golf Course
Tim Anderson, Director of Golf at Bunker Hills Golf Course

our own personal best.  Enjoyment can be measured by the experience had spending time with others.

Ali:  A golf cart seems like a rollercoaster to this little one as we drive to our next adventure.  This is the BEST!  Time spent with family and her sister at the golf course is as good as it gets.



Golf is a game of innumerable options.  Just in the north metro, there are many wonderful golf courses to choose from, including my favorite, Bunker Hills.  For a full list of golf courses and contact information visit the Minnesota PGA website:  Which clubs and equipment to use, which to play with and how seriously we each take this game are options.

Ali:  Not overly concerned with club selection of how much the ball is going to spin on impact, Ali seeks out the brightest clubs and balls attainable.  Pink and blue seem to be high on the list of acceptable hues.



Golf is a game filled with rules and regulations regarding how to keep score, how many clubs can be used and how many penalty strokes should be assessed.  These rules are wonderful for competitive golf; however, we are left to determine for ourselves how the rules are followed in daily play.

Ali:  With complete disregard for penalty strokes, Ali seeks out each and every “sandbox” on the golf course, always attempting to rake up her tiny footprints.  Additionally, she has found that it is much easier to place the ball in the hole than try to hit it in with a club.

Ali, Tim Anderson's daughter
Ali, Tim Anderson’s daughter


Golf is truly an individual game.  We hit each shot on our own, one at a time.

Ali:  She can run without having to hold hands, fall in the soft grass and laugh while trying like we all do to get the ball in the hole.


The shade of trees, green grass, blooming flowers, sun and a gentle breeze.  Occasionally rain/snow, clouds and cold are present to remind us how wonderful our short summer can be.

Ali:  Animals of any kind fascinate Ali at the golf course, with her personal favorite “gooses!”  Our goal of trying to make a birdie yields to her desire to seek out each and every bird on the property.


A golf course can truly be a place to get away where you can walk off life’s stresses and struggles.

Ali:  After a long winter unable to get outside and walk around, having acres of somewhat open space to play is the ultimate getaway.

Is golf boring?  No – just ask Ali.

For information on golf pricing and availability at Bunker Hills Golf Club, you can visit, or call the Bunker Hills golf shop at (763) 755-4141.

Tim Anderson is the Director of Golf at Bunker Hills Golf Course in Coon Rapids.

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