Blaine approves sealcoating

The Blaine City Council April 4 approved sealcoating and pavement marking projects for this summer.

Allied Blacktop of Maple Grove had the low bid of $92,847.50 to sealcoat 4.5 miles of city streets.

Seal coat is a liquid applied to a road to protect it from oxidation and the damage caused by winter cracking, sunlight and traffic.

City Engineer Jean Keely said the residential streets that will be sealcoated include five in The Lakes of Radisson area northwest of Lakes Parkway, three streets southeast of the Anoka County-Blaine Airport, and five streets north of the Harpers Street and 125th Avenue intersection.

Highway Technologies, Inc., which has 34 offices throughout the U.S. including one in Minneapolis, will be in charge of pavement marking. Its bid was $40,706.07.

According to Keely, the city does pavement markings for all city roads each year unless it has been identified for a road reconstruction project. Anoka County and the Minnesota Department of Transportation are responsible for maintaining their own pavement markings.

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