Union Looking Back for May 10, 2013

Girl will plow

Miss Grace Simpson, the girl who would farm, who now lives at 114 Eleventh street S., has decided to accept an offer made by E. E. Eddy of Bethel, Minn., she said yesterday, and start work on a farm there belonging to him, which he said is now under the management of a “no-account dreamer” who can’t make it pay. She will leave for Bethel about June 1.

“I believe that this job is just the thing that I want,” she said yesterday.

– 100 years ago, May 7, 1913

Two contests held at H.S. on Saturday

Spelling and declamatory contests for pupils of the rural schools were held in the Anoka high school Saturday, April 30. For nearly a thousand boys and girls this was the day toward which their daily work in these two lines of endeavor had led. A marked improvement was shown in the schools where each child had worked up a project to be judged in his own school or in a group of schools.

– 75 years ago, May 4, 1938

County commission, fair board discuss new fairgrounds site

Members of the Anoka County Fair Board and County Commissioners assembled in a joint session Thursday evening, April 25, by request of Fair Board Secretary Henry Hammer to seek “an attempt to establish a more exact policy on the future of the Anoka county fair grounds.”

From the meeting, which had been expected by many to be explosive and controversial, emerged an amicable and certainly “exact policy” in fair ground planning.

– 50 years ago, May 3, 1963

Law aimed at ‘cruisers’ prohibits loitering, profanity, public drinking

Refusing to leave any premises after an order or request by an owner, manager or law enforcement official could lead to an arrest.

This misdemeanor violation would be a provision of a loitering ordinance aimed at curing weekend cruisers, adopted by Anoka City Council Monday.

– 25 years ago, May 6, 1988

• Compiled by Kelly Johnson

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