Former Coon Rapids resident pens debut book on spreading kindness

A former Coon Rapids resident has released her first book “The Book of Simple Human Truths: Inspiration, Love & Wisdom.”

Molly Friedenfeld’s 282-page book details scenarios of spontaneous acts of kindness that unite and connect at the heart level.

Molly Friedenfeld recently released her debut book “The Book of Simple Human Truths.”              Photo sumbitted
Molly Friedenfeld recently released her debut book “The Book of Simple Human Truths.” Photo sumbitted

A particular story, for example, centers on a combined rescue of a baby purple martin. The bird had fallen from a birdhouse perched on a 10-foot high pole. Friedenfeld’s granddaughter, Hailey, of Coon Rapids, noticed the unfortunate incident. Friedenfeld solicited the help of two boys who happened to be in park. The boys made a human ladder by standing on each others’ shoulders. Together the team returned the bird to its nest. The deed is what Friedenfeld calls earthly angel work.

Writing stories of spreading love and kindness in the community revealed a certain truth to Friedenfeld.

“Kindness always leaves a timeless and profound impact on the heart,” she said.

Before living in Coon Rapids, Friedenfeld was a resident of Oak Grove from 2002-2007. She now lives in Minnetonka.

Friedenfeld has a background in communications. She worked in the advertising department at a newspaper in California in the 1980s and later worked as a continuity director at WLTE Radio for 13 years. She has also worked as a real estate agent.

In 2011, she created an Internet radio show titled “Violet Wisdom Inspiration Radio.” The show recently celebrated its 45,000th podcast download. Friedenfeld continues to work on her Violet True Heart Movement, with the intent of connecting people and spreading love and kindness in communities worldwide.

“Simple Human Truths” took Friedenfeld one year to write. It is hoped that her stories of peace, joy, love and truth send a positive message to her readers, she said.

That the stories will spread “kindness, joy and love to all who come across their paths in thousands of unique… ways.”

Cynthia Shepherd is the book’s featured artist.

“The Book of Simple Human Truths” by Molly Friedenfeld is available at Bibelot Bookstores and online at The cost is $21.95. For more information, visit

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