Life Looking Back for May 17, 2013

Blaine Lions lead in membership

Blaine Lions welcomed a new member, Wade Debel.

Blaine is the highest club in the Lions district for new members in the district governor’s contest for January, February and March.

The Blaine Lions hope to complete Fort Lion May 5 and 6. Members are asked to come down and take part in the work that is left.

Lion Milt Jewell volunteered to serve on the traveling trophy award committee.

– 40 years ago, May 4, 1973

It’s good clean fun… with a muddy reputation

They call it good clean fun, but by the looks of the participants after a couple of hours it may be good fun, but it’s definitely not clean.

It’s Rick’s 4×4 Rally, on the southeast corner of 109th Avenue and Highway 65 in Blaine and on a nice Saturday or Sunday as many as 2,500 people, young and old, both men and women, come from all over the Twin Cities to join in the fun.

– 30 years ago, May 6, 1983

Golden jubilee

St. Timothy’s Catholic Church, Blaine, celebrated its golden jubilee with a special service on Sunday followed by a luncheon attended by hundreds of faithful.

During the service, Auxiliary Bishop Larry Welsh spoke to the brimming church. Personalizing the notion of 50 years, the bishop remarked that in his talks with elementary students, he let it be known he was 50 years old. Later he received a nice drawing of a pine tree from one of the students. The student noted that, for a pine tree anyway, 50 years isn’t very old.

– 20 years ago, May 7, 1993

• Compiled by Kelly Johnson

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