New sexual conduct charges filed against Coon Rapids man

A Coon Rapids man and former Minneapolis police officer and Andover resident already accused of having or talking about sex with young girls faces six new charges in Anoka County.

Bradley James Schnickel
Bradley James Schnickel

Bradley James Schnickel, was arraigned May 16 in Anoka County District Court on six felony charges of engaging in a sexual explicit conversation with minors and another gross misdemeanor of providing alcohol to one of them.

The criminal complaint states that between November 2011 and October 2012, Schnickel chatted with seven different girls on the Internet who at the time had an age range of 12 to 16 years old.

According to the evidence police found amongst 9,000 pages of Facebook chat logs and other electronic communications, Schnickel lied about his age to make it seem he was only several years older than these girls when in reality he is now 32 years old. He received nude photos from two of the girls. One 14-year-old girl said Schnickel asked her for oral sex about “five times a day.” He allegedly sent pictures of his penis to a couple of the girls.

The complaint also alleges that he offered to buy the girls alcohol in exchange for sex. He met a 16-year-old girl at a beach in Blaine in July 2012. He allegedly gave this girl a bottle of rum and vodka and she performed oral sex on him.

He allegedly met another 14-year-old girl around Christmas 2012 and provided her a bottle of alcohol, but she left his car before any sexual contact occurred. He called her in early February to ask if she had spoken to police.

Schnickel was arraigned Feb. 9 in Anoka County on six other criminal sexual conduct charges for similar conduct and was charged April in Hennepin County District Court for criminal sexual conduct.

In one incident from July 2012, Schnickel allegedly provided a 14-year-old Brooklyn Center girl with vodka and Mountain Dew before they had sex in his car at a park near Crooked Lake.

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edit: Address removed, no longer the residence of the accused.

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