Golf column: Tiger, hot tub talk and a kangaroo…

For the first time in several years, I attended the PGA merchandise show in Florida.

Scott Roth, Victory Links Golf Course
Scott Roth, Victory Links Golf Course

It was late January and I was sitting in the Drury Inn hot tub recovering from 10 hours of walking and looking and looking and walking. It’s harder than you think.

A couple joins me and we start talking about sports in general. Since I am a golf professional, most conversations I have quickly turn to golf and eventually Tiger Woods is on the agenda.

This time was no exception.

The husband did not have strong feelings about Tiger, but his wife was very opinionated.

My guess is she was not a Tiger fan due to his domestic shortcomings.

I do not hide the fact that in general, I like Tiger and what he has meant to the game of golf over the past 10 years. You can’t argue the fact that he has been nothing but good for the game of golf.

After I told her my thoughts on Tiger, it was on like Donkey Kong. She said that she thought he will never be as good as he was until he wins several more majors.

Not just one more, but several more. I reminded her that, at that time, in late January, he was second in the world and had just won a PGA event. Not to mention the great run he had at the end of 2012. She said that didn’t mean anything. It’s all about majors to her. OK then…

Fast forward to now.

Tiger has won five of his last eight events (62 percent win rate) and is a solid world No. 1.

I know he didn’t win the Masters, so my hot tub friend won’t be impressed, but he tied for fourth and was making a good run on the weekend.

And this past week at the Players he looked like the BHTT Tiger (before hitting the tree). He seemed different on Saturday and Sunday. The players around him seemed different. Sergio seemed different on the final two holes, (wow!) right?

I guess I would like to know what it is we really want out of situations like this.

Do we want to see people like Tiger crash and burn, permanently?

I have a close relative who has crashed and burned on many occasions, and I would give almost anything to see him have another chance at a normal life.

I think we can all be inspired by stories of people digging their way out of the ashes.

Do we seriously want people to end up like Tonya Harding did for a period of time? Boxing in a run-down shed with kangaroos?

I am just kidding; she never boxed a marsupial that I know of.

When individuals succeed, it has a ripple effect on everyone around them.

When they fail, it also has an effect on everyone around them. Wouldn’t we rather have success?

I wish I had the email address or phone number of my Orlando hot tub friend.

I would ask her if she thinks Tiger is back or if he still needs to win several more majors.

Scott Roth is the head golf professional at Victory Links Golf Course in Blaine.

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