Blaine man charged for firing shotgun in neighborhood

A Blaine man is facing a felony charge in Anoka County District Court for allegedly firing a shotgun in a Blaine neighborhood the evening of April 30.

Brent David Simonson, 34, 9342 Sixth St. N.E., was arraigned May 3 on a felony charge of intentional discharge of firearm (endangering the safety of another).

According to the criminal complaint, Anoka County dispatch 9:26 p.m. April 30 received a 911 call from Simonson that eight people were robbing his house and that he had a shotgun. The dispatcher allegedly heard two shots before the call abruptly ended.

Blaine Police responded and allegedly heard three additional shots. They then saw Simonson standing outside with a shotgun. More officers arrived and Simonson allegedly tried to run away, but was confronted by more officers. He surrendered his weapon and complied with commands, according to the complaint.

Capt. Kerry Fenner of the Blaine Police Department said this incident could have been much worse if Simonson had not surrendered. He never fired at officers during the incident.

“This could have been a bad outcome for him,” Fenner said. “Thank goodness he complied with officers’ commands.”

An investigation found spent shotgun shells lying in the backyard and saw that pellet shots from a shotgun had impacted a barbecue grill in his backyard and the side of a neighbor’s garage, according to the complaint.

Officers conducting a search warrant of Simonson’s house allegedly found spent shotgun shells and two holes in a window screen in his bedroom along with numerous other firearms and ammunition in the home, according to the complaint.

Fenner said police could not find any evidence of an attempted burglary. A person living with Simonson allegedly told police that Simonson had been drinking a lot that day and at one point told him that people were trying to get in the house, but the roommate did not see anyone trying to break in.

He told Simonson to put the shotgun down, but he later heard Simonson on the phone and shots being fired. Officers allegedly smelled alcohol on Simonson, according to the complaint.

Fenner said this was only the third time in the last six years that Blaine Police have had any interaction with Simonson. He was arrested once for driving while intoxicated in Blaine and police stopped by his home another time because of a noise complaint.

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