Life Looking Back for May 24, 2013

SLP Council holds board of review

Spring Lake Park Village Council, after hearing reasons on the tax hike during the annual board of review, questioned why an across the board tax rate was not applied by Anoka county instead of individual percentage assigned to each municipality.

The Village of Spring Lake Park, which had a tax rate of 87.3 per cent for homeowners in 1972, jumped to a rate of 94.7 per cent this year which will not be felt until 1974. This rate does not include an average 6 per cent added on by the Village of Spring Lake Park.

– 40 years ago, May 11, 1973


Sporting events request fail

Two requests to hold sporting events outdoors in Blaine were brought before the city council last Thursday, the first was not acted upon, the second was denied.

The first request was brought out at the open mike portion of the council agenda when Dave Mastell asked the council to consider issuing a temporary special use permit to allow “mud rallies” on his property at 109th and Highway 65 last weekend.

– 30 years ago, May 13, 1983


Support for senior center is revealed

By about a two-to-one margin, Spring Lake Park residents spoke in favor of the proposed regional senior center at a public hearing May 10.

The hearing was called by the council to get some idea of whether residents are interested in pursuing the senior center.

The proposed center is a joint venture between the cities of Fridley, New Brighton, Mounds View and Spring Lake Park.

– 20 years ago, May 14, 1993


• Compiled by Kelly Johnson