Union Looking Back for May 24, 2013


Mrs. C. D. Jewel spent Sunday in Minneapolis.

Wm. Erickson has purchased a corn planter from Heglund Bros.

John Augustson attended the dance at L. Cronkhite’s Saturday evening.

Carl Johnson of Minneapolis spent Sunday here, calling on his old friends.

– 100 years ago, May 21, 1913


Minneapolis folks dump dogs here

C. A. Fleming, Anoka dog catcher, reports that many strange dogs are being dumped, not only in Anoka, but in rural sections, by people who have brought them out from the city. One dog was dumped from a car on the highway and both hind legs were broken. Police brought it to the city hall where it was later killed as an act of mercy. Fifteen or twenty strange dogs have been picked up in the last few days and shot. In Hennepin county two dogs came to a farmer’s home, evidently very sick, and were shot. Fleming reports three he believed were ill, possibly with rabies.

– 75 years ago, May 18, 1938


Bar-None Ranch building dedicated

Dedication ceremonies for a new boys’ home at Bar-None Ranch 14 miles northwest of Anoka was held Saturday. The home, valued at $40,000, was begun two years ago. Most of the labor costs were donated. The home houses 12 boys and two adult leaders in two wings, and has a kitchen and television room. The boys also enjoy a creek, swinging rope and a tree house near the home. The Minneapolis Mrs. Jaycees, who helped build the wardrobes for the home, also donated $500 to finish off the interior.

– 50 years ago, May 17, 1963


Watershed board comes under fire

The Coon Creek Watershed District Board came under fire from residents at the Anoka County Board Tuesday, claiming board members are insensitive to the needs of the community and are not properly representing the public.

The Anoka County Board was considering the reappointment of Ken Slyzuk to the watershed board for a three-year term, but that action was delayed in light of area resident objections.

– 25 years ago, May 20, 1988


• Compiled by Kelly Johnson


Editor’s note: “Looking Back” is reprinted exactly as the items first appeared.