Ramsey accepts two transportation grants

The Ramsey City Council accepted two Transit Oriented Development (TOD) grants May 14.

The council unanimously voted to accept a $650,369 grant for design, engineering and partial construction of Center Street, which is located in the city’s COR project, and a $100,00 grant for an alternatives analysis and geotechnical studies for a Mississippi Skyway, which is a pedestrian crossing over Highway 10.

Both grants are through the Metropolitan Council’s Livable Communities program.

The city will have to use the Center Street grant within three years and it is anticipated that the design phase will be completed this year with construction in 2014, said Development Services Manager Tim Gladhill.

“Center Street will be an important north-south connection in the center of The COR,” he said.

The Mississippi Skyway grant needs to be used within two years of receiving the money, according to Gladhill.

The proposed skyway would connect with the existing Ramsey Northstar Station skyway to the south side of Highway 10, he said.

The alternatives analysis component of the grant will be to explore all possibilities to provide an essential safe pedestrian crossing across Highway 10, according to Gladhill.

Staff also plans to review pedestrian connectivity issues associated with the future Armstrong Boulevard interchange, he said.

Tammy Sakry is at [email protected]