Golf column: Rule 26 takes center stage at Masters/Players

by Dave Perna, Assistant Head Golf Professional at Rum River Hills Golf Course

Spring is finally here and that means it’s golf season again.

Hopefully you had a chance to watch this years’ Masters or The Players Championship tournaments on TV.

Adam Scott’s win at the Masters and Tiger Woods’ win at the Players were both well deserved.

But the exciting thing for me was that the rules of golf played such an integral part of the outcome. Rule 26 (where to drop when you hit it in a water hazard) became a huge story especially with Tiger Woods.

So I thought this might be a good opportunity to remind everyone of Rule 26 (where to drop when in a water hazards).

Golfers have three options for hazards marked yellow:

• Re-hit from same spot (as near as possible).

• Hit from within the hazard.

• Keep the point of entry in direct line between you and the pin and drop anywhere along that line.

Golfers have five options for hazards marked red:

• The same three options from above.

• Find entry point and drop within two club lengths not nearer the hole.

• Find entry point and go to opposite margin (opposite side of hazard) and drop within two club lengths not nearer the hole.

The penalty for a ball lost within a water hazard is one stroke.

Hopefully this helps you next time you hit one in the water. If you have any questions, your local PGA professional is a great source of information.

Have a great summer of golfing and always remember to play the ball where it lies.

Dave Perna is the assistant golf professional at Rum River Hills Golf Course