Ramsey’s new city engineer hitting the ground running

There is a new face at Ramsey City Hall. For the last month, City Engineer Bruce Westby has been getting to know the projects being done in the city as well as the people of the city.

“I am looking forward to working on The COR development (projects) and the pockets of commercial and residential (projects) in the city,” Westby said.

One of the biggest projects facing Westby is the city street reconstruction plan.

Creating a street maintenance plan is one of the things he worked on at his last job as Monticello’s city engineer, said Westby, who started his new position April 8.

Among the things Westby had to work out for the Monticello plan was how to pay for the scheduled sealcoats and overlays and when the projects were to be done, he said.

“It’s fun, like putting a puzzle together,” Westby said.

Before going to work for Monticello in 2005, Westby’s worked for the Minnesota Department of Transportation’s (MnDOT) central office for three years.

Westby started his career with SRF Consulting Group and moved to SEH Inc. after seven years.

While working for the private engineering firms and MnDOT allowed him to design projects, they were desk jobs, Westby said.

“I have always like the physical sciences, like math and physics, and spending time outside,” he said.

Being the city engineer allows him to do both, Westby said.

“I wanted to see things built,” he said.

As a consultant, he designed projects and sent the plans out the door. He never got to see them being built, Westby said.

While working for MnDOT, Westby completed a University of Minnesota masters program in infrastructure systems.

When he took the Monticello job, he had a chance to use what he learned and see things being built, Westby said.

During his drive to Monticello, Westby watched the changes occurring in Ramsey.

When the opportunity came up, Westby said he had to apply.

He watched it grow and now he gets to be part of it, he said.

Tammy Sakry is at [email protected]