Andover man accused of threatening girlfriend

An Andover man was charged by the Anoka County Attorney’s Office for allegedly threatening the life of his girlfriend and her family on more than one occasion.

Tyler John Schultz, 26, was arraigned May 7 in Anoka County District Court on felony charges of domestic assault and terroristic threats. The domestic assault charge was elevated due to four prior domestic violence-related convictions in Anoka and Isanti counties.

According to the criminal complaint, the Anoka County Sheriff’s Office 11:32 p.m. May 3 responded to an Andover home on the 16600 block of Eldorado Street N.W. Schultz was gone by the time deputies arrived, but he was quickly located hiding in a tree line on 165th Avenue.

Schultz’ girlfriend accused him of grabbing her arm and threatening to beat her head with a hammer he keeps in his vehicle. She alleged he told her he would take everyone in the home hostage if anyone called police.

She also alleged that he had threatened to kill her and her family on a weekly basis, including saying he would slit her little brother’s throat.

According to court records, Schultz was convicted of fifth-degree assault March 2005 in Anoka County and July 2007 in Isanti County, of terroristic threats March 2009 in Isanti County and domestic assault February 2009 in Anoka County. There is also a pending case of violating an order for protection out of St. Louis County.

Schultz’s next court appearance is June 5.

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