Two charged in SLP with trying to cash forged checks from Trader Joe’s

Two people are facing charges after attempting to cash forged checks at the Spring Lake Park Wells Fargo bank.

Brookanne Morgan Orozco-Arreola, 26, and Marshall Lee Carr, 25, were both charged by the Anoka County Attorney’s Office with offering a forged check, a felony.

According to the complaint, Orozco-Arreola, who had an Arizona driver’s license but has a last known address in Maple Grove, tried cashing a check from the Trader Joe’s Company of Morovia, Calif., written out for $4,160 Feb. 6.

When the bank teller attempted to deposit the funds from this check into Orozco-Arreola’s valid Wells Fargo back account, the teller learned from the bank’s treasury management department the check was counterfeit.

While the teller was verifying the check’s validity, Orozco-Arreola left the bank, leaving behind the check and her driver’s license.

The following day a 25-year-old Maplewood man attempted to cash a $4,160 Trader Joe’s check at the same bank.

According to the complaint, Marshal Lee Carr asked to cash the check but decided to deposit the check into his bank account when told the check had to be verified first.

After Carr left, the bank employee received notice from the Wells Fargo Treasury Department that the check was fraudulent.

The Anoka County Attorney’s Office charged Orozco-Arreola April 22 and Carr May 7.

The Spring Lake Park Police Department has not been able to locate Orozco-Arreola or Carr.

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