Two people charged for alleged robbery in Coon Rapids park

Two people have been charged in Anoka County District Court in connection with an alleged robbery in Lions Coon Creek Park.

Reality Porsha Edmondson, 21, St. Paul, was arraigned in court May 21 on felony simple robbery and felony theft charges. Bail was set at $10,000.

A warrant has been issued by the court for the arrest of Kenneth Alex Williams Jr., 19, St. Paul, on the same charges because his whereabouts are unknown.

The evening of May 10, a Coon Rapids Police officer responded to a call of a robbery that had occurred at Lions Coon Creek Park.

There a 17-year-old boy told the officer he had gone to the park to purchase an iPhone 5 from an old friend, a 17-year-old male, that he identified after contacting each other via Facebook to make the transaction, according to the complaint.

But when he arrived at the park, the victim alleged that not only was his friend in the car, but also an unknown male, who was driving and a woman in the back passenger seat.

The victim alleged that after he showed the $180 that was agreed on for the purchase price, he was told to get in the back seat of the vehicle, where the three of them punched him.

Then the friend allegedly told the victim he had a gun and to give him the money or he would be shot.

The complaint alleges that one of the others in the vehicle reached into the victim’s pants pocket and pulled out his wallet.

The teen told the officer the child safety lock prevented him from opening the back door of the car, but he was able to escape the vehicle by crawling out the partially opened front passenger door, according to the complaint.

He suffered visible bruises and abrasions from the assault and his escape from the vehicle was seen by others in the park.

The identity of the 17-year-old was verified, but arrest efforts have been unsuccessful.

But when Det. William Steiner, Coon Rapids Police, spoke to the victim May 13, he told the officer that he was able to identify the other two suspects in the car through the 17-year-old’s Facebook page.

Steiner took the information from the two suspects’ Facebook page and allegedly used the Department of Motor Vehicle Safety website to allegedly fully identify both of them – Williams and Edmondson.

Edmondson was arrested by St. Paul Police May 17.

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