Blaine police: suspicious van driver broke no law

The Blaine Police Department today (June 3) reported that it received several reports May 30 of suspicious activity that had occurred in the Lakes of Blaine housing development.

The reports received had occurrence dates that started back on May 24. Several of the incidents were not reported until it was learned on a neighborhood Facebook page that there was a potential connection among all of them.

The suspicious activity was said to involve a van of which police were given a partial description and partial license plate. It was reported that this van had been driving through the area and would slow down where children were walking.

Once these incidents were reported, the police department began an investigation. Additionally, officers increased patrol in the area. Utilizing information from the investigation and the partial vehicle description, a Blaine Police officer June 3 located the van and driver. The police department conducted further follow up with the occupants of the van and a witness and determined no criminal activity had occurred.

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