Changes to handling of library fines over $25

Unique Management Services Inc. (UMS), a specialized credit report agency for libraries, is helping the Anoka County Library recover long overdue materials and outstanding fines.

Customers with fines over $25 or materials that are 60 days overdue are referred to UMS and charged a $10 service fee.

This new procedure, which went into effect June 1, was approved with fairness to all library customers in mind: materials that are not returned may not be checked out by other customers, according to Anoka County Library Director Marlene Moulton Janssen.

The library will continue to let customers know if their materials are overdue with ample time to respond before their account is turned over for credit reporting, she said.

Library materials should be returned on time, in good condition or renewed before they are overdue, Moulton Janssen said.

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