Letters to the editor for June 14, 2013

Right to keep and bear arms
To the Editor:

I am disappointed that Deborah Schuster is so willing to give away her God given rights to our government.

In particular, her right to keep and bear arms seems to be of little importance to her.

She should consider the numerous restrictions that are already placed on law abiding citizens right to keep and bear arms, guaranteed by the Second Amendment of the Constitution. I agree that her children should be safe from gun violence, as I believe we all do.

As a parent she has the right to control her children, and what they are exposed to.

She does not, however, have the right to take away of our rights. Nor does the government have the right to take away or restrict our unalienable rights.

She relies on the government to provide protection for her children, ignoring the unfortunate realities of the world around her.

This is the same government that has failed to protect its citizens; allowing guns to flow across the Mexican border, failing to fully prosecute criminals by enforcing all of the gun laws that currently exist, failing to provide accurate information related to gun violence, only recognizing what is politically expedient at the time.

Armed teachers in the classroom may not be the only option, and will not save all of our children, but it is a start. If having armed teachers in the classroom saves just one life, it is well worth it

I do agree that our elected officials will be held accountable by the citizens that elect them, but this must not be at the expense of our God given rights.

If we are to survive as a republic, these rights must remain intact.

Without the right to keep and bear arms being preserved, I doubt Deborah Schuster would have the right to express her opinion in this paper.

All I want for Fathers’ Day is for our children and grandchildren to continue to have the right to keep and bear arms. This right will allow them to preserve all of their God given rights.

I invite Deborah Schuster, her children, and everyone that reads this to take the time to read the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States.

Take the time to contemplate the wisdom of our country’s founders, and understand what our birth rights are. Our rights are fragile and must be defended.

“The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.” – Thomas Jefferson

Scott Ferch

Generous neighbors
To the Editor:

Everyone at the ACBC Food Shelf would like to thank our generous neighbors for donating almost 25,000 pounds of food during recent food drives!

“Scouting for Food” collected 8,680 pounds and “Stamp Out Hunger” delivered 15,633 pounds of food directly to ACBC.

These annual drives take a lot of coordination and effort and we want to express our sincere appreciation to all those individuals who were involved.

A big thanks goes out to our local Boy Scouts, Anoka Letter Carriers, Church of the Latter Day Saints Volunteers and our own ACBC volunteers.

It is inspirational to be part of a community which demonstrates such caring and support for the hungry.

It is also wonderful to head into the busy summer months with a warehouse full of food.

Jerri Loughry
ABC Food Shelf, Anoka

Who do we think we are?
To the Editor:

If you don’t believe in God, this probably will have little relevance for you. But if you do, I would hope that you take the time to read it.

I would like to first say that I don’t hate anyone who admits to homosexuality. I love them like any other human being should be loved.

This type of love comes from Christ. In fact as Christians, we are commanded to love one another. We are to love the person and hate the sin. That goes for murder, theft, assault, adultery and yes, homosexuality.

With the passing of the same sex marriage bill May 14, we as a nation have taken yet another step towards denying God’s sovereignty.

He was the one that created marriage. Who are we to redefine it? We have done so in the name of “social equality.”

On the surface, it seems like a fair and equitable thing to do. We have heard the arguments for same sex marriage by those who support it.

Their reasoning originates from emotion, as well as human logic. Has anyone taken the time to see what God says about this subject?

God says homosexuality is a sin. This is not me saying so, it’s God. In today’s world this is unpopular to accept. But then again, whoever said that being right is always popular?

It is easier to deny this portion of God’s teachings and focus on what we are comfortable with.

If you don’t believe it’s a sin, read the following scripture verses and see for yourself: Genesis 19:4-5, Leviticus 18:19, 2 Kings 23:7 and Romans 1 26:27.

Some churches will claim that “God is still speaking to us.” Yes, God continues to speak to us through his word, the Bible.

He doesn’t however, contradict himself. What was sinful behavior 2,000-plus years ago remains so today. It appears we have antiquated some portions of the Bible that make us uncomfortable and now say they no longer apply. Who are we to decide what portions of God’s word no longer apply or are relevant for us today? It saddens me to see that some churches have chosen to compromise God’s word or have ignored portions of it all together.

This is a dangerous practice when we pick and choose what suits us and our lifestyle. We should be adjusting our lives according to God’s word, not the other way around.

And yes, we all sin. There is a difference, however, between sin and living a life of unrepentant sin. Christ told the women at the well, “Go and sin no more.”

Dietrich Bonhoeffer warned about “cheap grace” where we live a sinful life but rely on God’s grace for forgiveness. He wasn’t popular either. The Nazis hanged him because he didn’t preach what they wanted to hear.

God took sin so seriously that he offered up his son to die an ugly death on the cross so that we could have eternal life. If only we would see our sins as seriously as God did and still does.

Finally, just because something is legal doesn’t mean it’s right in God’s eyes.

Steven Johnson
Coon Rapids

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