Students graduate from Northwest Passage

Members of the class of 2013 graduating class of Northwest Passage High School celebrated graduation May 30, at Majestic Oaks.

Family, friends, teachers and board members were among those in attendance to help celebrate the accomplishments of the graduates. There were 27 graduates.

Two student speakers, Chris Jellison and Kelliann Foster, addressed the graduates.

Jellison’s message was about not letting fear stop you from achieving what life has to offer.

“Even though the graduates destination is still unknown, that is what is great about life, nothing is ever set in stone,” he said.

The graduates “all have the ability to shut out the negative and use fear as a positive drive to become what we want to be,” according to Jellison.

Foster’s message reflected how the school through part of the its mission statement of “Exploring Our World” helped her fellow students learn more about themselves and what they want their future to be like.

“I have experienced things here at Northwest Passage High School I never would have dreamed of,” Foster said.

“Expeditions are made to get us out of our comfort zones and try new things.

“They help us learn how to work out problems in a different environment and we get to experience and see things we never would have imagined ourselves ever doing.”

The director of the school board, Deb Howard, and Peter Wieczorek, director of the school, presented diplomas to the graduates.

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