Spring Lake Park prepares for sewer linings

by Elyse Kaner

Staff Writer



In the second of a seven-phase maintenance plan, sewer line cleaning in Spring Lake Park began June 3 in preparation for the installation of new sanitary sewer linings under city streets.

“We’re getting a lot of roots out of our sewers,” said Public Works Director Terry Randall in a report at Spring Lake Park’s June 3 city council meeting.

Additionally, the city was repairing fire hydrants, he said.

Installation of the sewer linings cut down on the city’s required maintenance and the potential for problems that could require digging up a street for repairs, said Phil Gravel, Spring Lake Park’s engineer.

The city’s sewers were installed in the 1960s, Gravel said. The early pipes are made of clay. The sewer linings are made of a fiberglass-like material. They will strengthen the lines and prevent infiltration of ground water into the system.

“A good analogy would be, it goes in like a sock,” Gravel said.

The dry sock is inserted into the pipe from manhole to manhole. Water or steam is added, triggering a resin embedded in the sock that solidifies the cloth-like material, according to Gravel.

The linings will be installed on Able Street between 81st and 83rd avenues, 83rd Avenue between Able and Tyler streets and 81st Avenue between Terrace and Able streets.

The sewer lining work will begin later this summer.

Estimated cost for the project is $156,800 and will be paid from the city’s utilities renewal and replacement fund.

The next phase of the sewer lining multi-phase project will, most likely, focus on 83rd Avenue east of Able Street and under Highway 65, Gravel said.

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