Student earns free lunch for her graduating class

You know those national fast-food contests people sarcastically claim nobody ever wins when entering?

A Coon Rapids High School senior won one, scoring a free Chipotle lunch for the entire graduating class.

Katie Rehm entered the national contest by texting the word “prom” to Chipotle.

And while the prize may have been intended by the company to be an after-prom party, Chipotle was fine with Rehm’s alternative plan for an epic senior picnic, which took place May 29.

“It was such a good time,” said Shannon Madison, one of the school’s assistant principals. “There was more than enough food for all the students and staff who wanted some. The weather even cooperated — it was nice and sunny.”

According to Madison, about 485 students made it out for the all-senior party — about 75 percent of the school’s graduating class — and enjoyed soft shell tacos, cookies and water, as well as a massive photo-booth and beanbag games, which were also provided by Chipotle.

Winners of beanbag games even got coupons for future meals at the restaurant.

“It was pretty low stress since we didn’t really have to set anything up,” Madison said. “The students really had a great time.”

The class was told a few weeks prior to the party and students were ecstatic, she said.

“Staff thought it was a great event,” Madison said. “Some wished they could have been out there participating, but most were still teaching.”

Chipotle said the prize package Rehm won was valued at about $5,000.

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