Spring Lake Park purchases meter reading system

by Tammy Sakry
Staff Writer

Spring Lake Park will no longer have to borrow meter reading equipment from other cities.

The Spring Lake Park City Council May 6 unanimously approved purchasing the VXU water meter reader for $16,000 plus tax.

The system will allow city staff to drive by homes and get an instant meter reading, said Public Works Director Terry Randall.

The readings can be done by driving at 30 mph, he said.

“You don’t even know I am reading the meters as I drive by,” Randall said.

Just turning it on in the city hall parking lot will give him 600 readings, including addresses and meter amount, he said.

HD Supply, from which the city has been buying the water meters, had been doing the readings for the city until three years ago, Randall said.

The company’s insurance does not cover their drivers while they are doing the city readings and the company will no longer do the readings, even if the city paid them more, he said.

After the company stopped doing the meter readings, HD Supply loaned the city the reading systems owned by neighboring cities.

HD Supply is “now pressuring me to get my own,” Randall said.

With the new system, the city can increase how often it does the reading from once a quarter to monthly if it would like, he said.

It will also allow the city to catch the high users and plumbing issues early, Randall said.