St. Francis council fails to approve garbage hauler

The St. Francis City Council June 17 failed to approve an application by LePage & Sons for a license to provide garbage hauling services within the city because there was no second to Mayor Jerry Tveit’s motion to approve.

Councilmembers Amy Lazere and Tim Brown were absent from Monday’s meeting, and neither Councilmember Mike Haggard nor Councilmember Chris McClish seconded the mayor’s motion.

LePage & Sons had completed the application, paid the application fee and provided proof of liability insurance.

The failed motion seemed to surprise City Administrator Matt Hylen, since at the previous council meeting June 3 he had specifically asked the council whether it was interested in limiting the number of garbage haulers in the city for the sake of preserving city streets. The council had not expressed a clear opinion.

“Now that we have a fully completed application that failed for lack of a second … I’m slightly confused about how to proceed,” said Hylen  He suggested the issue be brought back at the next council meeting when all members are present.

“Can we deny an application just willy nilly? To me it seems that there’s no basis for denying this application,” Tveit said.

The St. Francis City Attorney will determine whether it is appropriate to bring the issue back to the council.

LePage & Sons already provides garbage services in St. Francis, as do three other licensed haulers.