Union Looking Back for June 21, 2013

Escaped from drowning
Little Robert Bradeen son of Mr. and Mrs. Leon Bradeen had a very narrow escape from drowning. Monday morning Mrs. Bradeen went to the next door neighbor on an errand and left the baby who was just beginning to walk alone. She returned immediately and saw the baby’s shoes and stockings in a boiler full of rain water. Thinking the baby had thrown them in there she started to search for him, when to her horror she saw that he was lying in the bottom of the boiler. The child was blue and had ceased to breathe. She ran to Mrs. Fulton’s, a neighbor who with great presence of mind commenced work of restoring life. Dr. Long another neighbor came and later Dr. Hagaman. Both physicians worked heroically over the child until life came back. Had he lain much longer in the water, restoration would have been impossible.
– 100 years ago, June 25, 1913

Recreation news
Archery classes will be held at the Greenhaven clubhouse every Thursday.
Every Thursday all grade and junior high girls interested in recreation are urged to come to Riverside park.
All boys and girls who enjoy story telling and free play are asked to come to Riverside park every Wednesday. The  people in charge had charge of the puppet classes during the school year.
– 75 years ago, June 22, 1938

Sheriff adds three deputies
Sheriff Ralph W. “Buster” Talbot today announced the appointment of three new deputies to the Anoka County Sheriff’s Office.
They are Dennis Ardel Anderson, Jerry Dhennin, and Richard P. Sorteberg.
Sheriff Talbot said the three will be used on patrol and plans to promote two men now on patrol to the criminal investigation department.
All three of the new men will be starting within two weeks. This addition will bring the department strength to 22, including increasing the criminal department to four men.
– 50 years ago, June 21, 1963

Low and slow equals cruisin’
Fasten your seat belts, it’s going to be a bumpy ride. Downtown Anoka on a Friday or Saturday night resembles something out of “American Graffiti.” Cars – classics to clunkers – lined up bumper to bumper, horns and stereos blaring amid the shouts and hollers of people having a good time.
– 25 years ago, June 24, 1988

• Compiled by Sue Austreng

Editor’s note: “Looking Back” is reprinted exactly as the items first appeared.