Flow rates increase on river above the Coon Rapids Dam

The Coon Rapids Dam.
The Coon Rapids Dam.

According to the Three Rivers Park District, the flow rate at the St. Cloud Dam is projected to increase from approximately 15,000 cfs June 21, to nearly 29,000 cfs by Monday, June 24.

Flow rates at the Coon Rapids Dam are expected to increase significantly over the next several days as well, the park district states in a press release.

The flow rate at the Coon Rapids Dam was about 15,000 cfs June 21, it states.

A flow rate estimate is not available for the Coon Rapids Dam, but if the flow rate exceeds 35,000 cfs at the dam, the elevation of the recreational pool behind the dam could exceed the planned year-round 830.1 foot above sea level elevation, the press release states.

The gates not closed off with the coffer dam as part of the phase one reconstruction project at the dam will be completely open to maximize their capabilities in allowing water flow over the dam, according to the press release.

The Three Rivers Park District owns and operates the dam.


  • city parks are looking better

    Recently I went to the dam. The walkway is closed April-December. Half of the trails upriver from the dam have been fenced off for “construction.” There are no detour signs to get across the river via the 610 bridge. How about a reduction in the park admission fee since so much is unavailable for so long?