Known Blaine shoplifter pleads guilty to charges in Coon Rapids incident




A known shoplifter apprehended by Coon Rapids Police at a Target Greatland store has pleaded guilty to felony charges in Anoka County District Court.

Hannah Lenore Mills, 28, 1171 100th Lane NE, Blaine, entered a guilty plea June 2 to a fifth-degree controlled substance crime and possession of burglary or theft tools charges. She will be sentenced July 30.

Loss prevention officers from Target Greatland, 3300 124th Ave. NW, contacted police Dec. 5, 2012 reporting that Mills, a known shoplifter, was in the store and believed to be shoplifting, according to the complaint.

Via surveillance, Mills was seen selecting two Nintendo 3DS systems and placing them in a cart, then she was observed wrapping items in the cart with clothing in what appeared to be an effort to conceal them.

Mills was observed removing two “spider wrap” security devices that were placed on items like the Nintendo systems to prevent shoplifting.

She went into a check-out lane and made a small purchase that did not include the Nintendo system before leaving Target.

Officers waiting outside the store stopped Mills and observed a bulge in front of her sweatpants and when asked if he could check her pockets, the officer immediately recognized the bulge as a concealed box, which Mills admitted was a Nintendo 3DS and removed it from her pants.

During a pat-down search, officers allegedly located a magnetic device commonly used to defeat “spider wrap” security systems.

Mills was taken to the Coon Rapids Police Department and when she was removed from the back seat of the squad car, officers saw another Nintendo 3DS partially hidden under the seat and she admitted attempting to hide the system, according to the complaint.

When Mills was taken to the Anoka County Jail a more thorough search of her purse took place and inside was located a small plastic baggy containing a white crystalline substance that Mills admitted was methamphetamine.

She had been convicted of a fifth-degree controlled substance crime in September 2012.

In a post-Miranda statement, Mills admitted stealing the items to sell to others to support an ongoing drug habit.

According to court records, Mills has three prior misdemeanor theft convictions in 2012 – one in Anoka County, one in Washington County and the most recent in November, in Hennepin County.

She placed on probation for one year for the convictions in both Anoka and Hennepin counties.

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