Letters to the editor for July 5, 2013

No diversity of viewpoint

To the Editor:

Kimberly Corbey writes in “No violation of free speech May 31” that objections to having parent Bryan Lindquist on the Anti-Bullying Task Force did not violate his right to free speech.

Ms. Corbey misses the point. The very reason that Sen. John Hoffman (while on the school board) requested his removal was because of Mr. Lindquist’s differing views on homosexuality and his association with the Parents Action League. Fortunately Sen. Hoffman did not prevail.

Kimberly Corbey also makes the false charge that Mr. Lindquist “should not be allowed to disrupt and muddle the efforts of a task force that cannot change the new, current policy.”

Ms. Corbey, what evidence do you have to substantiate your claim that he desired to “disrupt and muddle” the efforts of the task force?

Why is it that those pushing for diversity and equality only want a group of people on a committee that look different, but all think alike. Where is the diversity of viewpoint?

Edie Walter

Distribution of poppies

To the Editor:

Another successful poppy distribution was held during the month of May. As poppy chairman of the Coon Rapids American Legion Auxiliary, I thank each of you for taking part in all the ways in which we made poppies and poppy cards available to areas businesses, to the friends and patrons at our Legion and to inform the public what our poppy program is all about.

Special kudos to those auxiliary, post and SAL members who spent many hours in front of Cub Foods in Riverdale, Rainbow Foods and Walmart on May 17 and 18 handing out poppies and those auxiliary members who counted up all the donations.

Wow, you did an awesome job. Myself and our auxiliary just can’t express our gratitude enough for what you have done and continue to do for our veterans.

May was a busy month, but well worth our efforts to raise considerable funds for our veterans programs and honoring our comrades who sacrificed their lives to keep our country and the democracy it is today, especially during the many memorial services which were held on May 25 and on May 27.

My since thanks to President Helen and Commander Dominic for placing the wreaths on May 25 at Morningside Cemetery and Bunker Hills Memorial Park and to Commander Dominic and Lavonne Hayes for placing the wreaths at Epiphany Cemetery, Joyce Chapel Cemetery, Coon Rapids VFW and in front of our memorial at our Coon Rapids American Legion Post 334 club on Monday, May 27.

Our men’s and ladies’ honor guards and post members in the rifle squads also represented our post very well in all of the locations.

Thanks also to Peter Bodley and his team at the ABC Newspapers for providing excellent coverage in the local newspapers on both days’ events. Channel 11 also provided coverage on May 25 so Coon Rapids got lots of recognition.

Please patronize these businesses and thank them for their donations: All Seasons Garage Door Company, Aspen Agency, Cardinal Financial, Carlson Toyota, Central Bank, Clean Sweep Plus, Coon Rapids Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, Coon Rapids Chiropractic Clinic, Coon Rapids Service Inc., Dr. Thomas Miller, chiropractor, $4 Car Wash, Goodyear Tire Service, Hi-Ten Service, Highway 10 Mobil, Kinlo Automotive, Mike’s Tire One, Neil’s Auto Body, Paul’s Barber Shop, Peterson-Pinney Inc. Heating and Plumbing, Precision Tune, Rasmussen Accounting, Shortstop Bar and Grill, State Farm Insurance – RJ Bergstrom Agent, Tim’s Custom Exhaust, Valu Plus Liquor and Willy’s Bar and Grill.

I am sorry if I missed naming a business that might have sent in a donation after I put this to press. But you are all very much appreciated.

I am proud to announce that our poppy program and narrative took home the trophy at the 10th District convention in Hopkins. Anne Steffen’s history report and the public relations report also received high honors. Way to go Coon Rapids.

Gratefully yours
Diane Bohlman
Coon Rapids American Legion Auxiliary 334 poppy chairperson

Government not helping

To the Editor:

Every time I read the paper or watch TV, you both brag how good the government is doing helping the people. This makes me start to laugh.

Well, this April I got a card in the mail to have my teeth cleaned. When I called to make an appointment at the dentist office in Anoka, they said they would like to but the state of Minnesota didn’t pay for the work they did last year.

This was not just me, but other people, too.

So I called Jim Abeler, a state representative in the Anoka area. I got no reply back.

Then I called the state people in my area, Michelle Benson and Karl Daudt. They both brushed me off.

This shows they don’t care about the low income people, disabled people or the seniors.

So, if you news people think the government does a great job, see if your dentist will take government insurance so we can go to them to get work done.

And if the government doesn’t pay them we can say you sent us, and the government said we have to have insurance. Why?

Robert Bragelman
St. Francis

Slamming schools

To the Editor:

In response to my letter in April about the girl from Proctor, Mark Christofferson, Andover wrote, “I feel she did the right thing. And I think you did the wrong thing by slamming her in your local paper.”

I was not slamming her. I was slamming our public school system that lets a senior graduate without the general knowledge of knowing where they are in the world.

Let’s get some things clear.

First of all, I did not ask the girl from Proctor where she lives, I asked her where she went to school.

Second when I asked that, I was surrounded by my wife, two daughters (five and six years old) and my 80-plus year old mother-in-law.

Also, her father was seated next to her as a chaperone. I don’t believe she thought she was in any danger of being stalked by a predator.

The problem that I have is not with her response to my questions. The problem I have is that I, as a taxpayer, spent a lot of money (over $100,000) for her K-12 education and she can’t even locate her high school on a map.

I don’t know about you Mr. Christofferson, but I have a problem with that.

Mark Jensen

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