Looking Back at the Union

Arrested two
Anoka has been imposed upon for a long time by reckless automobile drivers from the cities, who seemed to forget that there is such a thing as state laws. The city authorities have authorized Walter Chapman to follow automobiles and motor-cycles on his own motor-cycle, which is fitted with speed registering devices. Sunday he arrested S.J. Hawson of Minneapolis, and F.B. Anderson of St. Paul, charging both with exceeding the speed limit in their automobiles. Both men were brought before Judge R.P. Chase, pled not guilty and their trials will be held this morning.
– 100 years ago, July 9, 1913

Kicked by horse
Walter Bradley of Ramsey has been incapacitated for his usual amount of work for the past ten days. He was kicked on the leg by a horse last Tuesday, inflicting a painful injury especially to the nerves. He is able to be out and around again.
– 75 years ago, July 6, 1938

47 freight cars derailed
The middle of a 126 car Northern Pacific freight train derailed three miles west of Anoka Monday night, piling up 47 of the cars along the tracks like so much cordwood.
Boxcars, tank cars, gondolas and flat cars were crushed together about 10:15 p.m. when the eastbound train, which started at Pasquel, Wash., neared Anoka. Several hundred feet of track was also torn up in the mishap. Miraculously none of the train personnel was injured.
– 50 years ago, July 5, 1963

70-unit hotel to abut Greenhaven
LaCorte Inns, Inc., of Eden Prairie, was the Anoka City Council’s choice Tuesday over two other developers to build a hotel at Castle Field adjacent to Greenhaven Golf Course on Anoka’s west side.
John Kahler of LaCorte Inns, Inc., proposes to construct LaCorte Inn Anoka with about 70 units mixed between suites and conventional rooms, a swimming pool and no meeting room or restaurant.
Funds from the sale of Castle Field will be used to build a new facility. Council is considering moving Castle Field to city-owned land near Anoka High School and the ice arena off Seventh Avenue.
– 25 years ago, July 8, 1988

• Compiled by Sue Austreng

Editor’s note: “Looking Back” is reprinted exactly as the items first appeared.

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