Golf column: Helpful tips to speed up play

One of the biggest concerns with the United States Golf Association (and golfers everywhere) is the issue of slow play. If you watched this year’s U.S. Open you probably saw the golf commercials starring various golf superstars with the catch phrase “while we’re young.”

So I thought why not write a golf article to help speed up play and make the game more enjoyable for everyone.

My purpose is not to have everyone speed around the golf course in record time, but rather make the game fun for everyone.

Nobody wants to spend an entire Saturday afternoon at the golf course waiting on every hole. I believe four hours (two hours per nine holes) is an attainable goal.

I’ve listed below some helpful hints to speed up play.

• Only take one practice swing between shots.

• Talk while you walk or ride, not when everyone is trying to hit.

• Play ready golf. Always be ready to hit your shot or putt.

• Don’t mark short putts. Hole out unless you’re standing in someone’s line.

• Put your bag or cart on the side of the green nearest the next hole.

• When driving a cart, drop your partner off at their ball and then go to your ball.

• Stop over reading your putts.

Hopefully this will help out you or someone you know.

Have a great summer of golfing.

Dave Perna is the assistant golf professional at Rum River Hills Golf Course.