Some county fees to increase, including Bunker Beach passes

The Anoka County Board approved a series of user fees changes June 25 following a public hearing at which no one appeared.

The board acts on user fees twice a year; the second time is in December.

According to Budget Director Patty Hetrick, the fees charged reflect the cost of providing the service by the county.

Before coming to the board for the public hearing and approval, the proposed fee changes went through the county board committees of jurisdiction, Hetrick said.

“For the first time we will be posting all the fees that the county charges on our website,” she said.

The fees acted on by the board June 25 covered the extension service, library, medical examiner, sheriff’s office, social services and parks.

The Anoka County Extension Service will now charge a $2.25 fee for the 4-H youth teaching youth Internet safety program, for which there was no fee before.

The Anoka County Library received approval for a new fee – $10 for referring a delinquent library card account to a collection agency.

With board approval, the medical examiner’s office has eliminated the $7,000 fee it charged for the additional autopsy service of exhuming a decedent and it has changed the fee structure for a complex post-mortem examination additional autopsy service from a one-time $500 fee to $375 an hour.

The board approved two new fees requested by the sheriff’s office – $75 for a permit to carry firearms training and certification and $10 for an additional certificate of service. Both go into effect July 1.

Two increases in existing sheriff’s office fees were also approved by the board.

The charge for execution of service and general demand increases from $50 including mileage to $70 with mileage for two attempts; each additional attempt will cost $25 plus mileage.

In addition, the sheriff’s office charge for posting notices, which includes three copies of notices and mileage, jumps from $45 to $70.

A number of fee increases were approved for the parks department, all of which will not go into effect until Jan. 1, 2014.

One-hour meeting room rentals in Bunker Hill Activity Center’s Oak and Maple rooms will go up from $45 to $50, with an increase from $25 to $30 for the Coon Rapids Dam Visitors Center meeting room.

Day pass fees for Bunker Beach all increase $1 for the 2014 season – guests over 48 inches from $14 to $15, guest over 48 inches after 4 p.m. from $10 to $11, guest under 48 inches or seniors from $11 to $12 and guest under 48 inches or seniors after 4 p.m. from $8 to $9.

But there will be a reduction in the daily and annual vehicle entry permits to parks for active duty military, effective Jan. 1, 2014.

The daily permit charge will drop from $5 to $3 and the annual permit will decrease from $25 to $20.

For social services, the county board approved a client fee schedule for detox and outpatient mental health services using a sliding fee schedule based on federal poverty guidelines.

Peter Bodley is at [email protected]