St. Francis approves failed garbage hauler license

The St. Francis City Council July 1 unanimously approved the license application for a waste hauler, whose application had failed at the council’s June 17 meeting when there was no second to Mayor Jerry Tveit’s motion for approval.

LePage & Sons, which already hauls refuse in the city, is now licensed to do so there.

A memo from City Attorney Scott Lepak said bringing the matter back to the council July 1 would be appropriate because if a motion is not seconded “it is treated as if it was never made and can be brought back at another time.”

The memo also states that if the council were to deny the license, it would need to establish findings of fact explaining the decision.

LePage & Sons had completed the application, paid the application fee and provided proof of liability insurance.

Three other licensed refuse haulers also operate in the city of St. Francis.