Sewer lining contract awarded in Coon Rapids

The Coon Rapids City Council has approved a $929,459.81 contract to reline city sewers in three main areas of Coon Rapids.

Insituform Technologies USA, LLC, was the lowest of four bidders on the project. The engineer’s estimate was $1,174,374.80.

According to Public Works Director Tim Himmer, sewer lining work will begin in August and take two to three months to complete.

The project will be done in stages, Himmer said.

The first neighborhood affected will be the area north of Northdale Boulevard east of Crooked Lake Boulevard and west of Wren Street to Highway 10.

A segment of Northdale from Crooked Lake Boulevard to Wren Street, ending just before Coon Rapids high and middle schools, is included in this phase. “This area will be completed before school starts,” Himmer said.

The contractor will then move into the area south of Coon Rapids Boulevard and west of Round Lake Boulevard to the border with Anoka. This includes Mercy Hospital, Himmer said.

The third phase of the sewer lining project will cover the Riverview area south of Coon Rapids Boulevard and west of Hanson Boulevard that was not part of the 2008 relining project. It includes a portion of Mississippi Boulevard.

According to Himmer, residents impacted by the sewer lining will receive written notification of the project’s timeline in their specific area.

But there will be sit-down meetings with larger sewer users, like businesses and notably Mercy Hospital, to discuss the impact of the project on them, Himmer said.

Sewer lining has been an ongoing capital improvement program of the city since 2008.

Lining takes place in areas where the clay sanitary sewer pipe shows significant maintenance concerns due to root intrusion and open joints, Himmer said.

The pipe material in the areas for the 2013 sewer lining project is clay pipe that was installed in the 1960s and 1970s, according to Himmer.

The project only includes work on the main line sanitary sewer and all segments to be relined have been televised, Himmer wrote in a report to the council.

“Where we have noticed apparent service problems with roots, the homeowners have been notified,” he wrote.

“It has been suggested that the homeowners have their service line cleaned prior to the beginning of the relining project.”

There has been $1.2 million in set aside in the 2013 sewer utility fund budget for the project.

Revenues for this fund come from the quarterly utility bills paid by Coon Rapids property owners.

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