Letters to the editor for Aug. 2, 2013

Safety camp in Ramsey

To the Editor:

Ramsey recently held its 12th annual two-day kids’ safety camp for 140 local kids entering third- and fourth-grades in the fall.

Safety camp focuses on teaching children through a variety of activities, how to be more safe in their daily lives. Our goal is to reduce the amount of unintentional injuries to children and at the same time build positive relationships between the children and police and correction officers, fire fighters, EMS personnel and junior counselors/mentors, who are their camp counselors.

I’d like to thank all of our camp counselors and volunteers for giving their time. We couldn’t do it without them.

Our camp is run solely on donations from local residents, businesses and registration fees. This money is used to pay for presenters, purchase supplies, provide lunches, snacks and beverages, t-shirts, water bottles and new bike helmets for each child.

Additionally, we offer scholarships to families who otherwise could not afford to attend camp.

With every year, we experience a wonderful thing. A community that believes in enriching children’s lives with beneficial learning experiences and families that cannot thank us enough for what their children have learned in such a short time frame.

We continually receive requests from parents to offer the program to more ages and for longer periods of time.

Their kids cannot stop talking about their camping experience. This is the best measurement of our camp’s success.

It’s no wonder safety camp is the highlight of our summer as well.

Camp wouldn’t be a reality without the support from these organizations.

Platinum: Altron, Inc., Do All Printing.com, Mercy Hospital-Allina Health, Ramsey Lions.

Gold: Anderson Dahlen, Inc., Kemps.

Silver: Armstrong Ranch Kennels/Game Fair, Burger King, Champlin Towing, Coborn’s, Dahlheimer Beverages, Green Valley Greenhouse, Jimmy John’s, Mama DeLuca’s Pizza, NAU Country, Northern’s One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning, Panther Precision Machine, Inc., Soderholm & Associates, Inc., Trott Brook Financial, Zero Zone Refrigeration.

Bronze: Twin City Auto Source, LLC.

You’ve helped make a difference in these children’s lives and we thank you for that.

Chandra Kreyer
Ramsey Police Department

False attack on Abeler

To the Editor:

I was deeply disappointed with the recent false attack by Mr. Case of Andover on Rep. Jim Abeler who is running for U.S. Senate.

Jim has been a principled and tireless champion for our community in the Minnesota Legislature for a long time.

The list of his good work and accomplishments as a legislative leader would fill several letters to the editor.

Jim has received both respect and praise for his outstanding work for our schools, our seniors and disabled, our families, our businesses and our towns.

Mr. Case’s letter about charter school lease aid is an old and unfounded accusation that misrepresents and disrespects Jim’s leadership on education.

For the record, neither Jim nor PACT Charter School received one penny more because of his vote on lease aid years ago.

Jim’s common sense leadership in health care is legendary. Providing greater quality, value and sustainability in health care services for everyone has always been his priority.

He is widely respected as one of the leading legislative experts in this topic, and he has worked with every group imaginable in an effort to improve the health of all Minnesotans.

He worked to cut red tape and paperwork thresholds for many providers, not just chiropractors.

Jim didn’t double the amount of care available, he just made it easier for low income Minnesotans to get the care they need.

Most health care providers know Medical Assistance pays less then other insurers, and usually well below cost.
Eliminating red tape and barriers to appropriate care is a win-win for all Minnesotans

Rep. Abeler has worked with integrity, bringing people together to get things done, providing important non-partisan leadership in health care and education.

It seems to me we need more of that in the U.S. Senate.

Jim has been an incredible advocate of our communities and we are fortunate to have him as our legislator.

Minnesota needs his caliber of principled leadership and honest representation.

I have known Jim Abeler for many years. As a matter of fact, we met at his very first endorsing convention.
I trust him and I know that if Mr. Case truly wanted to understand Jim’s votes on these issues or anything else, Jim is only a phone call away.

Dawn Heidemann

Appeal to businesses

To the Editor:

This is a heart-felt appeal to all Coon Rapids businesses. Your Cardinals need you.

If ever in the history of Coon Rapids High School football there was a need for our community to rally, it is now and the CRHS Football Booster Club, also known as the Sideliners, is counting on you support.

We are asking you to consider supporting your hometown team and have a number of options to meet your sponsorship level. The goal of our 2013 Cardinal Pride Campaign is $100,000.

Let us explain why your sponsorship is a good investment.

The Sideliners is a group of dedicated parents who believe in the potential of our school, our community and, most important, our young men and women athletes. It is our mission to support the Coon Rapids High School football program. Your support is an investment in youth athletes.

While the Coon Rapids football program has been a fixture in our community for decades, we are looking at the 2013 season as a fresh start – not only for our program but for our booster club as well.

The Sideliners has put in strong new leadership with a vision that extends beyond the football field and into Coon Rapids neighborhoods, businesses and city hall. Your support is an investment in community building.

Like you, we know that the community of Coon Rapids is a community in transition. However, as a business owner or operator, you must see the high potential of Coon Rapids.

It is filled with caring citizens and business owners/operators, parents and students, civil servants and retirees who care about the reputation of our city and are willing to step up to help shape this city’s future.

That’s why we are coming to you under the banner of “Cardinal Pride, City Wide.” Your support is an investment in the future.

As parents of these athletes – and as stewards of future generations of Cardinal athletes – we are interested in making sure that Cardinal athletes have opportunities on par with athletes from other schools in the Twin Cities metro area.

You may have read a recent article in the Star Tribune regarding the inequity in booster club fundraising capabilities and the impact on prep sports.

The article referenced the booster club of Minnetonka High School and its ability to raise more than $4 million to offset debt incurred in the building of athletic fields at the high school.

We look at the success in Minnetonka as the result of a strong community supporting its own.

Our fundraising goals are much more modest, but our vision is very similar – to build a strong, proud community around a Coon Rapids tradition.

Your support is an investment in Coon Rapids. Cardinal Pride, City Wide.

One of our parent members will attempt to personally reach out to you or we invite you to contact Dean Reznechek at 612-201-5548 or email at [email protected]

On behalf of our hometown football team, thank you.

Dean Reznechek
Coon Rapids High School Football Booster Club

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