Letters to the editor for Aug. 9, 2013

Editorial is right

To the Editor:

Congratulations to ECM Publishers for the editorial titled, “Nation’s poor will suffer deeply from food stamp cuts.”

I’ve often skimmed lead editorials, since they didn’t seem to want to rock the boat, but not this time.

The editorial is right: We miss the plight of the poor who will suffer these cuts, particularly contrasted with middle class decisions to vacation at the Wisconsin Dells instead of Disney World.

It is very hard for most of us to truly grasp the meaning of hunger, especially a supplemental nutrition assistance program that provides less than $5 per day per person in food stamp support. That’s approximately a large latte and two candy bars.

The other side of the Farm Bill was not addressed, which I feel is a major issue. While $20 billion in cuts are being proposed to the SNAP program, $920 billion remained in farm subsidies.

The vast majority go to the largest agribusinesses in this country. Both sides of the aisle lament this corporate welfare without effect.

Why? Once again, the influence of money in politics is clear. Highly paid lobbyists, many former legislators, spend numerous hours on Capitol Hill courting former colleagues to retain programs their clients love. Further, some of these agribusinesses pay little or no taxes.

A “wag of the finger” goes to my congressman. He may be silent on the issue, but his silence speaks volumes.

This has been consistent for U.S. Rep. John Kline: Hear no evil, neither see nor speak any (unless it’s about ObamaCare).

The poor are staring at a bleak future, while the largest of our corporations gather more welfare. Apparently for the congressman, there’s nothing wrong with that, judging by his silence.

We should expect more, and we’ll demand more at the ballot box.

Ron Commins

Generous gentleman

To the Editor:

A while back a number of our water aerobics gals (about 18) were celebrating a birthday of a few of them at Wild Bills when at the end of our lunch and we all asked our bills, the waitress announced some generous gentleman had picked up the bill for all of us.

However, he did this and told the waitress she couldn’t tell any of us what he did until he left.

So this letter is for that kind, generous man, who still surprises us women, and for that we thank you.

Phyl Erickson and the Aqua Bells from Lifetime Fitness.

Language misinforms

To the Editor:

Confucius, the ancient Chinese philosopher, was once asked what he would do to set the world on the right course. After some consideration he answered, “I would insist on the exact definition of words.”

Today language, rather than communicating the truth, is being used to control and misinform people. Words have consequences; they shape our ideas and attitudes. When the meaning of words is distorted and the definition is unclear, people can be easily manipulated for ideological ends.

“Sexual orientation” is one such loaded term. It is misleading since it presumes that sexual attraction is fixed (which it is not) like the directions on a compass.

Just as there is a north orientation, there is also a south, east, and west orientation. One is not better than the others.

How can one disapprove of an orientation that simply points in a different direction? You can’t — that is unless “sexual orientation” is a fiction to begin with.

“Sexual orientation” is a contrived term used to legitimize an individual’s choice to act on biologically aberrant, morally deviant sexual acts. This manipulation of language is being used to shape the attitudes and actions of our young people today.

Today, many students are told by gay activist teachers that they must discover their sexual orientation so they can understand who they “are.”

Sexual orientation codes in schools force a kind of pro-gay conformity to normalize homosexuality and override the moral values and beliefs taught at home.

Some teachers are promoting the normalization of homosexuality by using Kinsey-based findings. In the late 40s Dr. Alfred Kinsey — the sex “scientist” and sexual psychopath — created the mythological sexual continuum known as the Kinsey scale that placed all sexual acts and “orientations” on the same moral and biological plane.

To Kinsey, all sexual acts were just a normal part of human sexuality. They were normal simply because they existed. Kinsey did away with the concept of abnormal, deviant sexual behavior.

This bogus sexual continuum, based on Kinsey’s junk science and fraudulent data, has been parroted by teachers in the public schools, and has resulted in much of the sexual confusion and school-approved sexual deviancy that we see today. The sexual orientation codes reinforce this.

When most people hear the term “sexual orientation,” they think of homosexuality, bisexuality and lesbianism.

In reality, “sexual orientation” is an elastic term that now embraces more than 20 recognized orientations.

In a recent symposium held by a group of psychiatrists, the same tactics used by gay rights activists were employed — the “experts” claimed that pedophilia is also a sexual orientation.

They defended this lifestyle by saying, “True pedophiles have an exclusive preference for children, which is the same as having a sexual orientation. You cannot change this person’s sexual orientation.”

By the way, the new politically correct term for pedophile is “minor-attracted person.”

Words can open dangerous doors.

Barb Anderson

County vote short-sighted

To the Editor

This letter has reference to the recent vote of the Anoka County Board of Commissioners to repeal the $5 wheelage tax added to motor vehicles kept in Anoka County.

I firmly believe that this action was short-sighted and not looking into the future of Anoka County roads.

Yes, I realize that the fee would be increased to $10, but let’s plan for the future and not depend on general revenue dollars to fund our highways.

Ed Burns

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