Union Looking Back for Aug. 9, 2013

Attention! You men

You need a few summer things yet. We have the classy, nifty stuff that will suit you. Our stock of underwear is complete and besides that we have straw hats, outing hats, rain coats, slickers, and don’t forget hunter’s clothing. Fraumann Clothing Co. (home of holeproof hosiery), Main Street, Anoka.

– 100 years ago, Aug. 13, 1913

Over 100 graduate from rural schools in exercises held Saturday

The rural school graduation was held on Saturday afternoon at the high school auditorium at 2:30. About four hundred were in attendance. Of the 106 graduates, eighty-eight were present.

Garland Taylor of the state department of education gave a splendid talk on the advantages that we have in the present day, mentioning the automobile, radio and others. He said that the school’s place in the life of the young people is to train them to use these advantages in the proper manner rather than abuse them.

– 75 years ago, Aug. 10, 1938

New Highway 10 construction transforms northwest Anoka

The new route of Highway 10 from the Rum river westerly to the Northern Pines Motel is now readily discernible as clearing and dirt moving operations have progressed rapidly during the past two weeks. This part of the bypass project includes grading, gravel base and surfacing of 1.3 miles between Park street and the west end of the new Rum river bridge; also two highway separation bridges, at Highway 10 over Green avenue (entrance to Greenhaven and the Legion club) and at North Ferry street to carry Highway 47 over the new route.

– 50 years ago, Aug. 9, 1963

Their day at the wave pool?

One of this year’s newest attractions at the Game Fair in Ramsey is the duck pond, or in this case the recently completed duck ‘wave pool.’ While from a distance it may appear to be just another congregation of ducks in a concrete holding pond, the exhibit is unique. There are 15 different species of wild ducks and five varieties of wild geese found in North America. As a special feature children will be given a chance to feed the ducks.

– 25 years ago, Aug. 12, 1988

• Compiled by Sue Austreng

Editor’s note: “Looking Back” is reprinted exactly as the items first appeared.

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