Coon Rapids man pleads guilty to business burglaries

A Coon Rapids man has pleaded guilty in Anoka County District Court to two felony charges in connection with two business burglaries and a theft that took place in February.

In a plea agreement July 15, David James Williams, 34, 11010 Mississippi Blvd. NW, entered guilty pleas to two third-degree burglary charges. Felony theft, felony receiving stolen property and gross misdemeanor third-degree criminal damage to property charges will be dismissed at sentencing Aug. 20.

Following his plea, Williams was released on his recognizance.

The two burglaries occurred at Precision Tune Auto Care, 2831 Coon Rapids Blvd., one the night of Feb. 16 and the other the night of Feb. 27, while the theft was the night of Feb. 27 at Goodyear Automotive Center, 11190 Crooked Lake Blvd.

In both Precision Tune burglaries, entry was made through a garage door window. On the first occasion, $300 in cash was reported stolen from the register as well as four car rims, a diagnostic scanner and a laptop computer. In the second burglary, three laptop computer were stolen along with a welder, welding helmet and mask, several sets of wiper blades, several bottles of automatic transmission fluid and fluid additives and miscellaneous tools and shop supplies.

The owner of Precision Tune believed the burglar(s) was familiar with the business based on what was stolen.

At Goodyear, which is located next to Precision Tune, a plow truck that was parked at the business was broken into and its high intensity head lamps, attitude programmer, auxiliary gas tank gauge and a handheld plow remote were stolen.

Officers found distinct footwear impressions around the entry point at Precision Tune and the vehicle at Goodyear, and when compared, police concluded that they came from the same footwear.

Williams became a suspect when police responded to a domestic assault call from an apartment June 9, where a woman reported an argument with her live-in boyfriend, Williams, after she was told by a friend that he had burglarized the Precision Tune where he used to work and some of the stolen property was in the garage they rented.

The woman also stated that Williams had given her children a laptop computer that the friend told her was likely stolen during the Precision Tune burglary.

Police found the laptop computer had the same serial number as one of those stolen during the Feb. 27 burglary at Precision Tune, according to the complaint.

Officers executed a search warrant at the apartment and garage, finding a box of high intensity head lamps, a pair of men’s work boots that had a tread pattern matching the footwear impressions found at the scene of two burglaries and the theft, windshield wipers and transmission additive.

The diagnostic scanner stolen in the first burglary was located in the garage of a friend of Williams.

In a post-Miranda statement, Williams admitted he was present at the first Precision Tune burglary with another man, but he alleged the other man entered Precision Tune and he helped take the property from the business to his garage. He denied involvement in the second Precision Tune burglary or the Goodyear theft.

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